Bruce: I'll give the kids some money then.
Gordon: Money won't help.
Bruce thinking: *Then I'll adopt them. Adopt them all.*


John and I have been playing some of the Guild Wars 2 trial and now we’re really cool plant people:


I’m so offended “plant people” ?? The term is Plantkin and this is cultural appropriation of plant culture. I am stunned you two would do something like this?? Plantkin are already so underrepresented in the media, like do you even know what type of plantkin you are appropriating??!!! There is like only one plantkin in a Disney film and they were only a side character who was a wise elderly person like I’m sorry Disney but an elderly willow tree can be sexy too why didn’t they show some of her roots!

This is like everything that’s wrong with our culture today. SMH


this guy is super hot so i took screencaps his name is michelangelo milano he plays lazlo/future professor pyg in gotham. so. thats cool.

I couldn’t believe they made him so good looking. Comics Pyg is rotund, greasy, crazy middle aged guy. 

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Clock King by edenxiii

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*long sigh*

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I hate that Alfred was like “no therapists”. You have a child that is cutting, and burning himself and yet you feel that professional help is a no no. I hate, hate this Alfred because this makes him neglectful.  I dislike this in general that they don’t seek medical help. Also Alfred in the first episode he told Bruce “chin up, don’t let them see you cry” According to this version Bruce only becomes Batman because of neglect from his caretaker Alfred. The only moment of tenderness is hug from this Alfred but after that it’s just been a lot of yelling. I HATE THIS ALFRED! 

Plus I dislike the idea that Bruce could have solved his problems if he’d just gotten therapy which is what the show seems to imply. 


This Season | GOTHAM

once upon a time + Mr and Mrs Gold 4x01

My code is: I don’t believe in divorce ???

Shut up Robin I don’t care about you anymore. There is nothing stopping you from being with Regina. You obviously care more about Marian than you do her.

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